Windows Tricks: Size, Move and Arrange Windows

Windows got its name from the rectangles on the screen-the windows-where all of your computer activity takes place. Whether you are running Windows 10 or an earlier generation, each version shares much of the same interface with many of the same icons, buttons, controls, and functionality. You can minimize, maximize, restore, or close a window by clicking the buttons at the right end of the title bar. Additionally, you can use a number of techniques to change the size or position of an individual window. These techniques aren’t new to Windows 10 or 7 but give you more control of your file and folder windows.

To size windows:

  • Reshape a window by dragging any edge except the top or title bar. First, position your cursor over any border until it turns into a double-headed arrow. Then drag inward or outward to make the size smaller or bigger. To resize a full-screen (maximized) window, click the restore button first. You can resize a window in two directions at the same time by dragging one of its corners. Sometimes a dotted triangle appears at the low-right corner, sometimes not. Either way, all four corners work the same way.
  • One of my favorite tips is to double-click on the title bar to either maximize or restore the size. Quick and easy!
  • To change the location of a window, but not its size, drag it. To drag, point to its title bar, press and hold the mouse button, and then move the mouse.
  • To change only the height of a window, drag the top or bottom border of its frame.
  • To maximize the height of a window without changing its width, drag the top border of its frame to the top edge of the screen or the bottom border of its frame to the bottom edge of the screen.
  • To change the width, drag the left or right border of its frame. To simultaneously change the height and width of a window, drag any corner of its frame. You cannot resize a maximized window by dragging an edge of its frame; you must first restore the window to its non-maximized state.

To arrange open windows:

Right-clicking the taskbar (not a taskbar button) displays a shortcut menu of commands you can use to manage all the open windows as a group. Right-click the Taskbar and select Cascade windows, Show windows stacked, or Show windows side by side from the shortcut menu. The taskbar shortcut menu includes four commands for manipulating open windows. You can arrange all currently open windows by clicking the following commands:

  • Cascade windows:┬áDisplays the windows on top of each other, with the title bar of each window visible and the contents of only the top window visible.
  • Show windows stacked:┬áDisplays the content of all the windows arranged in a grid, with more windows stacked vertically than horizontally.
  • Show windows side by side:┬áDisplays the content of all windows arranged in a grid, with more windows stacked horizontally than


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